You can’t see me…

While out walking I came across this rabbit hiding in the grass. S/he was sure I couldn’t see her/him at first. I stayed very quiet and still for a while and then s/he started to groom his/her whiskers. So very cute!



15 thoughts on “You can’t see me…

  1. It is wonderful how each creature knows how to stay safe, and that not fleeing in the face of danger can be safer sometimes than flight. Great shot! It reminds me of our Aussie Bassian Thrush and Logrunner, rainforest birds that are almost impossible to see when they stand still.


    • It is! And also how many prey animals can sense, after initial alert, when a potential predator has them on the menu or not. After capturing the first shot, the rabbit and I both stayed frozen for almost 10 minutes after which s/he deemed it safe to start grooming. Even when I slowly raised up a bit to get the last image, s/he was much more at ease with my presence. At that point I backed out of there and let the rabbit carry on in peace.

      I shall have to google Bassian thrushes and Logrunners, unless you have images of them on your blog…? I’m not familiar with t hem.


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