Next time – I’ll – do the house hunting!

Great blue heron. great blue heron standing on swallow houose



10 thoughts on “Next time – I’ll – do the house hunting!

    • Thank you. 🙂 It depends on the image. They all start out in Lightroom, with this one I took it into NIK to fine tune the contrast, then TangledFX, and finished in PS Elements with a texture overlay that I created in Autopainter.


  1. Oh wow Katrina! This heron is so beautiful and so is the muted background. I’m intrigued at his ruffled and fluffed up feathers. Has he been in the rain?

    I’ve just discovered some beautiful wetlands about an hour out of Melbourne and the number of birds I hadn’t seen before was an absolute treat. And there were a few favourites too! I finally got the well focused images of egrets in flight that I had been longing for. Very exciting! I have enough bird photos to do posts for months….


    • Thank you, Chris. No, the heron hadn’t been in the rain, there was a slight breeze and it was cooler than the temps we’d been getting, so s/he might have been fluffed a bit from that. I have a series of images of this bird that I captured at the same time, that I haven’t processed yet. They all show that fluffed look. S/he was in the middle of a thorough preening, and in this shot had paused to glare at a heron that had just landed off to my right.

      Congrats on your egret captures, looking forward to seeing them! Lovely for you to have found somewhere for bird shots! I hear you on the number of images. 🙂 I’m hoping to get back to the bird sanctuary this week to add to mine…I like to have a huge selection in case of snowed-in days, or for those months when I just can’t make it out to shoot suitable subjects. 🙂

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