Dog walkers

On a whim while out for one of my walks this week I captured this image of two walkers with their dogs in a local regional park. I don’t usually target people in my photography, but I was curious about what would happen with a slow shutterspeed. Looks like I’ll be capturing more people in future blur images…I loved how the white on their boots made attractive arcs in the resulting image, so I decided to share.

Click on image for larger view.Two people walking their dogs, blur



17 thoughts on “Dog walkers

  1. Really nice effect Kaltrina, I am the same.. .Im not comfortable photographing people but this is a nice abstract so something I might try from your inspiration 🙂


    • Thanks, Kaz, go for it. 🙂 I was inspired to give this one a go after shooting those gulls the other day. There was a guy on the pier feeding the gulls and pigeons and in some of the images I captured were blurred people watching the gulls. I thought the effect was rather intriguing. I’m going to intentionally include people the next time I’m at the pier capturing gull blurs and see how I like them.

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