iPad cat

Been playing some more on my iPad. I waited years to have time to take up watercolor painting. Last year I took a few classes but didn’t get around to practicing much. Now there are apps that can almost do it for me…  well, there was still some “brushwork” involved, just not on paper and using my finger instead of a brush. It did start out as a photo…

cat face, watercolor effect



19 thoughts on “iPad cat

    • Thanks, Sarah. I was surprised I was able to get it looking so much like watercolors. So are you going to keep creating iphone art because of the software or the convenience or…?I hadn’t realized how many apps were capable of producing hi resolution images. I find some things take longer on an iPad, other things are faster. I don’t think I would want to do all my photo editing on a pad. If nothing else, I like a large display. But I can definitely see me continuing to keep ipad apps in my workflow, moving images back and forth as needed for certain processing tasks. Of course, I will need to do a lot of iPad processing in the short term so I’m up to scratch for that course I’ll be teaching.

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      • Oh I’ll still be using the Sony phone and apps but mostly for Facebook I think! I’d like to get the Xperia Tablet to make using Touch easier but we’re trying to save money at the moment. Most of the apps make processing much quicker but it does depend on how intricate the process is!


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