Kite surfers

Earlier in the week between the initial storminess and the main onslaught of the pineapple express wind and rain train that battered us all this week we managed to squeeze in an afternoon of relative calm. There was still a lot of wind, tho and the conditions were perfect for kite surfing.

Click on images for larger view.




7 thoughts on “Kite surfers

    • Thanks, Cybele. 🙂 I was playing with different techniques…plain motion blur of the surfers from slightly slow shutter, panning to blur the background, panning to blur subject and background, different forms of camera shake, and I think there may be one or two fully focused shots in there. I have one image I like that has 3 surfers but for some reason it didn’t get included in this set.


    • Happy you like them too, Sue! I think my favorites are the 4th and last ones. In that last one the kite looks like a gust jumped it forwards while I was capturing the shot and the surfer looks as if he might be going airborne.

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    • I do have fun playing with these effects. I find I can influence the outcome somewhat on some types of images but in general the final result always comes as a surprise. 🙂 I think the unpredictability is part of the appeal for me.

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