Sandhill Chorus

Click on image for larger view.Two cranes vocalizing



13 thoughts on “Sandhill Chorus

    • Oh, lucky you! I would love to wake up to Sandhill cranes! I have to drive 40 minutes to see them, and then there are usually only a half dozen or so (altho this fall we had around 3 dozen of them, the most I’ve seen at one time). Thanks for commenting,Timothy!


      • We have a couple of wildlife refuse along the Rio Grande that attracts thousands of Sandhill Cranes. Since we live on the Rio Grande, we get the cranes flying up and down the valley, plus they like to forage on the river bank and in fields and orchards around us.


    • Oh sorry, Chris. It’s in the title but I should have ID’d them in the body of the post.They’re Sandhlll Cranes. They can be loud, but at least with just a few birds they’re not paritucarly obnoxious. I don’t know if I would call them melodious, but they certainly aren’t raucous, they have quite a pleasant trill. I enjoy hearing them and they do tend to announce themselves. I usually know where to find them at the bird sanctuary. I just have to keep an ear open, at some point one of them will say something.


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