Drizzly day walk in the rainforest

Here in southwest British Columbia we live in a temperate rainforest and at this time of year we can get a lot of rain. One of our local regional parks is a mixture of overgrown, former farmland, hay fields, small forested areas, swamp, a small river, and well maintained trails for hikers and equestrians. One of my favorite corners of the park encompasses a several acre stand of old firs, cedars and hemlock trees and large sword ferns. The stand of trees is flanked on each side by swampy areas. In the swamp on the south side runs the Little Campbell river, though you can’t see it as it winds its way through the scrub. On the north side there are ancient moss- and fern-covered alders struggling to survive in the mud. On wet days, the moss on the trees soaks up the moisture and seems to glow. And walking under those big old evergreens is like being in an enchanted forest.

And here’s one more image, this one is for my iPad Photo Art course page so it was processed strictly in iPad apps, and I had a little fun with it. Too bad the low res version doesn’t do it full justice. Click on it to see a larger version.

forest floor



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