Log roost – Monochrome Madness Christmas edition

Click on image for larger view.hen lounging on fallen tree, monochrome with color splash

This week’s festive season Monochrome Madness Challenge called for a splash of color. As much as I love the spirit of Christmas I opted not to do a Christmas-themed submission, although I did want my splash of color to be red. I captured this image of a hen lounging in a pile of logs last spring. I converted it to black and white but the hen almost disappeared and I wasn’t quite happy with it so it’s been sitting around waiting for a little something. This week when I added the touch of color I felt the image came to life.

Lots more splashes of color from everyone who submitted an image to this week’s challenge over on Leanne Cole’s blog, click here. Thank you, Leanne!



5 thoughts on “Log roost – Monochrome Madness Christmas edition

  1. this is wonderful!! The background is so mysterious and there she is sitting as you please without a care but some lovely feathers!! I hope she won’t get eaten. Nice effect katrina! Blessings of the season!


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