Heron motion blur

As I was completing the loop around the local pond on Christmas morning after watching the dogs playing in the water, I heard the unmistakable croak of the great blue heron that had been fishing nearby and s/he was coming in my direction. With my camera still set on a slow shutter speed and knowing that the trees on the closest island had the potential for an interesting panned background if the heron turned right instead of going over top of me, I ran flat out through the trees and shrubs between me and the pond to get a glimpse of her/him as s/he did indeed turn right. I was just in time to grab a few shots of this majestic bird before my view was obscured by the shrubs. Given the slow shutter speed I knew I couldn’t expect to get a sharp image of the heron, but the background was as I imagined it might be – a general blur with a suggestion of moss-covered branches punctuating the abstract browns and greens, and almost looking as if they’re reaching out to grab the heron. Having played with the TangledFX app as much as I have over the last couple of months, I knew a treatment like that would likely pop that background nicely, and I wasn’t disappointed. The first image is my favorite, the other two I included for context, altho I rather like the wings in the second image.

Click on images for larger view (recommended).




14 thoughts on “Heron motion blur

    • Thank you so much, Cybele! πŸ™‚ I’m happy you and others like my impressionistic blurs…I just love creating them but no point in posting them if nobody likes them! I’d like to feature them more often if they’ll be well received…


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