crop view of horse and rider

This is an image of a horse and rider waiting their turn at a classical riding workshop. I captured this image a few years ago and it’s languished in my photo library ever since because altho there was something about it that I liked, the background in the original was really not attractive and the exposure was a little off. At the time I didn’t have Lightroom or NIK or some of my other go-to software that I use now. So when I came across the image a couple of weeks ago and casually played around with the exposure settings, then let NIK loose on it, and then added a custom bokeh background, I was rather surprised by how much I suddenly liked the image. I love how the light catch’s the horse’s eye. You may need to view the larger image to see it.

I’m posting it today to remind me to make up a print for the rider in question. She’s going to love it!



21 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I love your processing of this image. It is so simple yet brings so much emotion in me of the times I once rode and trained and waited my turn as the rider here. I love the anonymity of the photo as it leaves it to your own imagination.


    • Thanks, Paula. I understand how you feel, I wish someone had captured a similar image of me with my heart horse before he died. I think the anonymity makes it even more personal for the rider involved.


  2. Love what you have done to the picture! I should really learn some photoshop or lightroom skills! Love the angle you have used as well.


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