More iPad processing

In the last six weeks I’ve been loading up my iPad with creative photo editing apps courtesy of App of the Day free-for-a-day-or-two and other offers in the same vein. Now I’m working my way through them to determine which ones are worth having and which ones are just taking up valuable space on my pad. And more importantly, which ones may be useful for teaching creative photo editing to peeps with limited or no experience with it.

I selected one image today on which I wanted to do some very quick edits for my course info page, edits that touched on more advanced techniques and were more than just slapping a couple of vintage or grunge or similar filters on top, but without being too complicated for newbies.

The top image is the original. The second and third images – the other deep pink rose and the yellow rose -were a direct result of creative editing on the original after it received basic processing. The pink one went through TangledFX for some extra definition, and obviously the yellow one got a color change.

The next 2 yellow roses are digitally painted variations of the above yellow image from different apps. The first peach rose was produced by tinting the yellow rose and then applying some textures and filters. This one is my favorite, even more than the gorgeous rich deep pink original. It was then run through TangledFX for the last image.



15 thoughts on “More iPad processing

  1. Hi Katrina, these are beautiful. Your favourite is mine also . Love the backtound effect too. I have used Tangled FX and really like it in moderation, and have used Sketch Guru for painting, but find it a little limited. Would you mind saying what apps you tend to use for your work? Chris


    • Thanks, Chris. 🙂 Snapseed is a pretty good editor. It’s a universal app, and is based on NIK software. It has a lot to offer and I really like it’s adjustment brush. You can’t beat the price, free, but it doesn’t have the sophistication of the desktop NIK and definitely has its limitations for my purposes. Photoshop Touch I use A LOT. It’s pricey compared to most apps, $9.99 in the US appstore. But it has killer selection tools that IMO are worth the price just for them. At high res the number of layers are limited, and it doesn’t have masks or adjustment layers, which is really too bad. There are workarounds but the real thing would be nice to have. I tried Pixelmator last week and really liked it. Same price as PS Touch and probably as good or better, but doesn’t have those fab selection tools. I’ll be adding it to my editing stable once I have time to become more familiar with it, tho.

      For the artistic stuff, TangledFX is definitely my go-to app. I use it more than any other app both for obvious effects and to give an image a little bit of an edge without it being obvious. I’ve built up quite a number of presets so it’s a pretty quick edit most of the time. For paint effects I have quite a few apps and tend to combine them as needed as most of them are pretty limited, but each one brings something a little different. Aquarella and its sister apps from Jixipix, Waterlogue, Glaze, Repix, and I just added Brushstrokes. I have to check out PhotoViva, it could have potential. I’m not a big fan of most of the filters out there…grunge, vintage, etc. Nothing wrong with them but for average photos it tends to make them all look too similar and often too dreary for my liking. But since I may be teaching peeps how to do this stuff, I do need to run down some good filter apps for them. To that end I’ve been looking at DistressedFX and Stackables. They look promising, and I have a bunch of other filter apps downloaded that I haven’t got to yet. Ask me again in February, lol!


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