Yet another rose variation processed on the iPad

I had more fun playing on my iPad again today, trying out a couple more apps. I used the same rose photo for comparison, and liked this one of the resulting images.

digital painting of peach colored rose


16 thoughts on “Yet another rose variation processed on the iPad

      • Well…only 4, and two of them are easy to use filter-based apps with adjustment capability. But look how much that image changed…it started put as a normal photo of a deep fuschia pink rose. It ended up looking like a watercolor painting of a peach colored rose. AND I have an image with high enough resolution to get a large print if I wish. OK I didn’t HAVE to change the color, but I wanted to see how easy it was in various apps. The thing with mobile devices is that they don’t have the processing power of desktop computers, tho that gap is narrowing, so of necessity all creative apps have their limitations. Some are one-trick ponies that do a great job with that one trick — or not. Others generalize but those I’ve looked into are pretty limiting in one way or another. Those few that stand out come with necessary trade-offs. For example, PS Touch has killer selection tools but doesn’t offer masks (a way to hide parts of an image). Pixelmator has masks but its selection tools aren’t as handy. Leonardo has both masks and great selection tools but no healing brush (a way to change certain areas of an image), and so on. So where desktop software like Photoshop or even Photoshop Elements can offer a huge selection of editing tools, apps have to make compromises. The current workaround IME is to use several apps to get similar results, so for the most part if you want to do creative photo editing on your mobile device, -and- you want your images to stand out, you can start with a knock out image. And/or you use however many mobile apps you need to get the image you could have produced in one desktop app. I’m not aware of any -one- app that will give me this kind of end result, and certainly not with high resolution. Low resolution is fine if all I want is to share on social media, but I don’t want my images to be limited to that.
        Most apps have a pretty shallow learning curve, especially the one-trick ponies. It sounds way more challenging than it really is, tho the more you want to change your image the more complex it can become. I don’t want my images to look like everyone else’s so I’m prepared to do that little bit extra. And it’s fun to play with them. 🙂 For the iPad photo art class that I’m hoping to teach in February, my list of required apps totals 6. For me that is the bare minimum to produce stuff that even approaches what I do to my images without overwhelming a newbie. And I fully expect the participants to want to use other FX apps according to what kinds of photo art they want to produce. I have a couple of dozen creative editing apps on my pad that I use or am exploring, and another half dozen waiting for me to explore them. I have a wishlist of a couple of dozen that I would like to investigate from the App Store, waiting for them to hopefully be offered as app of the day or at least get a price reduction on them. They’re a bit like potato chips…once you’ve had one it’s hard to just have one more. 🙂 🙂 But they all offer me something different from each other. So…4 apps to process an image, not nearly as big a deal as it may appear. 🙂

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      • Wow, thanks for your very comprehensive response! I used to play around with apps, but not so much now. I find my eyes tire if I look at screens for any length of time, and to get the kind of effects you do, I guess I would need to invest more time than I am able. Masks are something I never got to grips with in my more able days, so I try to do the simplest things that at least give me some of what I want!


      • I spend altogether way too much time at my computer! But I enjoy the creative processing so it’s not a hardship. I’m sure there are people out there who process their images much quicker and possibly with fewer steps than I do. But this is what I do to get images looking the way I want so it’s worth it for me. 🙂 But not all my processing is hugely time-consuming, and the thing with apps is they kind of force you to process in steps, so for special images you could do part of it at a time and come back to it later…? 🙂

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      • That’s a point, Katrina…. I have played around with one or two apps, perhaps I’ll take a look at some more. I have looked at TangledFX but I never manage to achieve the subtlety that you do…..


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