Wood ducks

I finally got back out to the bird sanctuary yesterday. I have been finding every excuse under the sun to not go out with my camera in the grey, dismal weather we’ve been having but I finally gave myself a kick in the pants and off I went. There was some fog around and the ducks weren’t doing much flying. I didn’t see any geese at all, which is unusual, there are usually some Canada geese hanging around. There were the usual assembly of mallards, but also quite a few Wood ducks, Pintails and Northern Shovellers, a few of them rummaging in the shallows, most of the rest were sleeping.

I found this quartet (there’s a hen hiding behind the center drake) lurking in the same area where I captured a pair in the shadows last fall but with all the leaves gone from the shrubs this time they weren’t hiding in the undergrowth and were more visible. Because I already posted that October image, I decided to process this one with a painterly effect.

4 wood ducks, paint effect




18 thoughts on “Wood ducks

  1. Nice processing! I need a kick up the backside, I am using any excuse not to go out in the cold, very windy weather (soon to be seriously dull and grey, too). However, I need some exercise!


    • Thanks, Kathie. There are times, usually mid-summer, when that’s all we have too. The others that were there this week are winter stragglers who must have decided to take advantage of the safety of the sanctuary.


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