Landing gear down

It’s been several weeks since I last visited the beach and its pier and I decided today might be a good day to change that. We’re expecting a pineapple express (heavy rain and mild temps coming out of the southwest) to come through in a day or so, so I wanted to see if there was anything worth photographing there before the rains hit.

The mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state were really visible today, which is fairly unusual…normally they are barely visible in the haze, but there really wasn’t much action. A couple of rafts of ducks way offshore, the water like a millpond, even the gulls were just standing around most of the time. So I contented myself with capturing a few gulls coming in for landings, also a bald eagle landing on a structure located off the end of the breakwater with the Olympic Peninsula in the background.

Click on the images for larger view.



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