King of the beach

bald eagle landing on beach

Last May I posted a few images of bald eagles foraging along White Rock’s beach. We have a resident pair that nests in a tall evergreen overlooking the whole beach, but that day there were two additional adult eagles on the beach, one of whom was much bolder than the resident birds. It was the closest I’ve been to wild eagles and I was able to capture several nice photos. This is one that I passed over when I processed the other images, probably because I didn’t want a back view and the background exposure needed a lot of help. After finally playing with it today I think it was worth the wait.



24 thoughts on “King of the beach

  1. Great shot, back view is great also, how wonderful to have resident eagles nearby. I miss my family of White-bellied sea eagles when I lived on a beach on the north coast. One of the eagles actually got to know me, which was a thrill. Thanks for your great pics!


    • Lucky you! I would be thrilled over that too… No chance of that here for me.
      Not only do we have resident eagles at the beach, but in the early spring (or maybe late winter) there are a few places where you can see groups of several dozen of them at a time hanging out in the trees. It’s quite a sight but it’s at those times that one is reminded that bald eagles are not always the regal hunters we like to think they are, but are more often mere scavengers…one of their hangouts is Vancouver’s garbage fill. Even our beach eagles spend a lot of time scavenging in the tidal pools for sculpin – or even stealing those sculpin from the gulls that have done the work of finding them. 🙂


      • Thanks Katrina, it is sad that many of the birds of prey have become scavengers. Like silver gulls and pelicans, if they can scavenge a free feed they did not have to work for they will, unfortunately the food in many cases is not good for them.


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