Red winged blackbird

red winged blackbird in shrub closeup

I didn’t get to leisurely frame this shot of a male red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus). This was a safety shot, ‘shot from the hip’ so to speak, in case the bird flew off before I could position myself to compose the image in a way I might prefer, which he did, and unfortunately I didn’t include the tip of his tail. In spite of that I liked the image enough to keep and process it anyway. I considered cropping it to make the omission less obvious, but the trade-off was the loss of sense of depth which I felt weakened the image even further.



18 thoughts on “Red winged blackbird

  1. IMHO the composition is fine. The V-shaped stems going out of the frame at his head sort of counter balance his tail extending on the right. I agree it was good not to crop anything off of the left. This way he has plenty of space in which to be looking. Sometimes those safety shots turn out pretty nice!


  2. I can appreciate getting what you can, with action and animals the best time to shoot is when you see it. Often wildlife will spook. I have seen a few but never was able to get a shot of one. I like the shot, I think sometimes we are our own worst critics. Love the detail, nice capture!!


    • LOL! Thanks, Nicol. Shooting from the hip is just an expression. 🙂 Actually I meant that I pressed the shutter and focus button as soon as I had the bird in the viewfinder without waiting to ensure the bird was centered and the exposure correct. The bird was very close, he landed to check me out, I think. I was surprised he was so well focused…but since I moved focus control to a back button my focusing success has improved dramatically.


    • Thank you, Cybele. I guess I just love birds, period. Well, I just love animals, let’s be honest. But when I’m out with my camera I particularly like the ones who will approach me, or who will let me approach them… 🙂


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