Waiting at the gate


I featured this adorable donkey foal in a post last summer. Here’s a different image of her with her dam. They were waiting at a cattle grid/gate when we arrived half way up the mountain in the Haute Savoie region of France, fairly close to Geneva, Switzerland.



8 thoughts on “Waiting at the gate

  1. aww I love him!! Would you mind me asking what art program you use. It’s so so effective and yet subtle!! And of course it’s your skill as a photographer that makes the angle so perfect. His head comes right out of the image and I want to stroke his muzzle!!


    • They were very sweet…actually it’s a mom and her filly, and they very cooperatively positioned themselves with the lovely background! I used my 18-55mm lens at 45mm, which gives the impression of the muzzle being much closer than anything else. Initially I ran the image through NIK HDR, then into Photoshop Elements where I selectively applied Topaz Impression, also tweaking saturation and details to pop the donkeys.


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