It’s a dog’s life…


dog chasing ball, motion blur

I was down at Blackie Spit yesterday, on the other side of the peninsula from White Rock, where most of my beach images are captured. It was a cloudless day, mild but a bit cooler than we’ve been getting in the past week. It was crowded! There’s an off-leash area just behind the beach parking, with quite a few dogs and their people hanging out and playing. I spent a little while watching and these are a few of the images I brought home, mostly of the lab. She was having great fun monopolizing the chase. I also have images of her running companion and a few others that I’ll post another time. Playing with my motion blurs again. 🙂 In the last one the dog is running through long grass, and I like how the dead grass heads break up the image.



10 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life…

    • You never can completely anticipate at the time of capture how the images are going to come out, can you?! I tend to think it’s a bit like Christmas morning: surprises! 🙂 I do reject most of the images once I get them up on the monitor, but I always hope for a few keepers at least. This shoot was better than some in that regard.

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    • 🙂 I shoot RAW so of course I have to do basic editing (exposure, contrast, etc) to all my photos. Aside from that, and the obvious crops, in this set of images what you see is what came out of the camera. No software fx magic on these, so no need to wonder… 🙂

      OK, I feel I need to make a few comments on my blur images in general. I make no secret of the fact that I love to play with my photos in software that helps add a creative element to them. But I am also a huge fan of intentional camera movement to achieve blur fx before the image ever reaches my computer. All of my dog blurs, most of my birds in flight blurs, most of my tree blurs, most of my boat blurs have been created in-camera. Yes, some of those have been tweaked during processing but only to enhance some less blurred details. A few others have been combined in software to emulate double exposures that my entry-level dslr doesn’t allow me to make otherwise. And yes, a few of my blur images are the shameless result of software fx applied to images that I liked but that benefited from something extra.

      But not these dogs. 🙂

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