Holding out for the light…

pink rhodo flower, digitally processed
Rhododendron in the garden this week.

I haven’t posted for a week, and I am way behind on acknowledging everyone’s comments and visiting other blogs. I’ve been, and still am, unsure about what to include in this post. But I do want to acknowledge those of you who like and comment on my blog and I hope you will continue to do so even when I don’t get back to you. You are appreciated, absolutely. For now I hope you will bear with me… I find myself trying to shake off an extreme case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which in addition to deep depression and irritability, can include symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, disinterest in goings-on and frequently feeling anti-social, even though I know it would benefit me to interact with people. It’s no fun!

I used to get mild SAD symptoms when I was younger but my lifestyle in the intervening decades made them a distant memory. That lifestyle changed in 2012, it wasn’t a change I chose but it’s a change I have to live with though I’m still wrestling with it. Combining that with grey, wet weather for two winters as well as a summer seems to have set me up for a massive recurrence of SAD. By February I was in an all out free fall, fully aware of it but unable to do anything to stop it. Nutritional changes haven’t made a dent, and attempts at positive thinking just get trampled. Hating being either depressed or at best an emotional zombie, and horrified by the likelihood of a repeat situation next winter and beyond, I’ve invested in a light therapy lamp. I’m hoping it will bring me some relief. Will it help? I’ll let you know. On my better days, playing with my photos can sometimes help a little, not always, so I hope to resume posting, tho possibly sporadically, while working on ridding myself of these wretched symptoms! In the meantime, if this hasn’t chased you off, thanks for hanging in with me.

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