Resting goose

resting Canada goose, artistic processing
A visit to the migratory bird sanctuary on the coast almost always provides opportunities to photograph Canada geese, and they frequently can be seen resting beside the water’s edge somewhere in the sanctuary. I captured this one on a previous visit. She wasn’t disturbed at all by my approach from behind and didn’t bother to get up even when I had to squeeze past her to continue on my way.


18 thoughts on “Resting goose

      • I hit ‘send’ too early… I wanted to add that your work is always inspiring to me and I know to many others. Look after yourself… I’m thinking of you☺️


      • Thank you, Chris. I really do appreciate your very supportive comments. Things are getting better, little bit by little bit. I think we’re getting our spring rainy season now, which isn’t helping, but OTOH everything is growing and leaf buds are opening on the trees. Some of my image processing is giving me a bit of an urge to get out my watercolors, but I know my computer skills are way more advanced than my painting ability.and thus easier for me to realize my vision digitally! Still, I may give the watercolors a go this week…

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