iPad – Grape hyacinths

Haven’t been in the mood for WordPress lately. Haven’t been doing much in the way of photography either. But it’s getting to be time for some more iPad processing, so here’s one image of some grape hyacinths that received 3 different treatments via iPad apps. In order of appearance, the primary app I processed them in: Tangled FX, Brushstroke, Waterlogue.


20 thoughts on “iPad – Grape hyacinths

  1. Gorgeous colours in the original image and great to see the different apps treatments. My favourite is Tangled Fx. It must be heartening to see spring is near! Hope you ate feeling better Katrina. Nice to see your posts again.


    • Thanks, Chris. My favorite is actually the Waterlogue one…I love wet on wet watercolors…makes me want to haul out my real brushes – tho I wouldn’t be able to do as good a job as this. :-/


    • Thanks, Julie! No, not daft at all…I should have been clearer. I find it a bit awkward to use my iPad as a camera most of the time. I do use my dslr for the photos then import them to my pad if I want to use my iPad apps for processing. Some of them give me results that I don’t have access to in my desktop apps. It’s also useful for processing while traveling.

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      • Julie, Julie! These are not daft or silly questions at all. They’re perfectly valid! Email is one way to do it, if you use the Cloud you can do it that way, in fact there are a number of different ways to do it. For me tho, I use an app called Photosync that speedily moves my full size images directly between my iPad and my Mac via wifi. Once it’s set up at each end, it’s extremely simple and fast to use. Please feel free to ask more questions if you have them. šŸ™‚

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      • I should have added that using an app like PhotoSync is pretty streamlined. All my images are stored in Lightroom on my desktop, so if I’m going to send one to the iPad I export to a specified folder on my desktop, then drag and drop onto the PhotoSync icon, and the image is transferred via the app on my iPad directly into my Photos app, to a pre-specified album. When I want to send a photo the other way, all the albums and images in the Photos app show up in PhotoSync, so it’s just a matter of selecting the image(s) and pushing the send button. I do have to then import back into Lightroom, but I think I could import directly from iPad into iPhoto if I was using iPhoto as my image organizer (however Lightroom is my organizer of choice). Hope that’s not too confusing… It’s not at all confusing to use.


      • I think you need a Mac for this app. If so and you have a PC, there are other similar apps. I find it easy to use, but setting up is the key part. Not difficult, just follow the instructions. You pay for the iPad app, which entitles you to download the desktop app without extra cost.Then you have to get them to recognize each other. You’re not limited to just the iPad and the desktop. You can link up to other devices including another Mac or idevice, as long as they all have the app installed and open. I’m pretty sure that if the extra devices are on the same iTunes account you only have to pay for the app once. There are settings to allow/deny others from transferring to/from if you interact with more than two devices. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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