Chicken Little

barred rock hen portrait

I captured this image last summer, when this lovely hen was resting in the grass in a corner of her compound. Artists seem to love painting chickens, I guess the color of their combs contrasting with their feather colors are just irresistable. I like to photograph them because of all the interesting textures in their face area and the beautiful feather patterns.

Unfortunately, this handsome bird is no longer with us. A couple of months ago, she and her 5 companions fell victim to a predator that managed to get into the henhouse 6 nights in a row, absconding with one hen each night. 😦

14 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. My brother has one of these hens. The bird’s name is Speckles. The other hens of various types are named Blue, Fluffy, Big Black, Big Red, Speedy, Tiny, Voldamorta, and Puffy Clouds. As you might guess, my brother’s kids picked out the names.


    • Thanks, Julie. Well, it’s a quick way to go, better imo than having their necks wrung, or shipped off somewhere. Tho I think these hens probably would have died of old age…they were already past their laying prime, but I don’t think anyone had any plans to dispatch them.


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