Hearts in the shade

Tucked away in the shade in a corner of the back yard, under the trees, are some bleeding heart plants. I love how they catch brief touches of the sun when it’s shining and the way the light is filtered through the mantle of leaves overhead, the way it was today. It makes me acutely aware of how relatively quickly the sun is moving, even though it’s not obvious, as I barely have time to set up my tripod before the light has moved off the petals, and the opportunity has evaporated.

Pink tulips

More pink flowers. Tulips this time, each with a different treatment.

Pink from a garden

Near to where I live is a 7 acre semi-public garden that is only open to the public a few times a year. It contains a number of unusual trees, a former orchard and some flower beds. This year the open days have been extended to Saturdays during the spring season, so I visited it for the first time yesterday and spent a little time there with my camera. The garden is secluded behind hedges and one gets a sense of being far removed from the outside world. The garden is currently undergoing improvements, and the small water feature I’d hoped to photograph was under reconstruction and off limits. Still, it was a nice opportunity for me to get some shots of spring flowers other than rhodos, tulips, daffodils, etc.

The main attractions yesterday were the rhodos and woodland flowers, but I did find a beautiful soft pink camellia hiding in a corner, as well as several magnolia trees. I will process the flowers for later posts, today I’ll feature the camellia and magnolia with a couple of images that I processed on my iPad because my iOS apps offer me different artistic options, particularly watercolor effects, that I’m continuing to play around with to test their capabilities.

More dandelions…

…to brighten a cool, breezy, wet day. I forgot I had these images so I’m posting them while I’m still thinking about dandelions.

Spring means dandelions

I know so many people who detest dandelions, but I love them. And of course, the bees love them, too. They’re one of the first bursts of color in the spring, and seeing a field of sunny yellow faces can really lift my spirits between the bouts of heavy rain at this time of year. Not only are they such a glorious shade of yellow, but their flowers have those wonderful little curlicues among the larger petals, tho you don’t see that if you don’t take the time for a close up look. I find they are always a very rewarding flower if I spend a little extra time on post-processing.

iPad – Grape hyacinths

Haven’t been in the mood for WordPress lately. Haven’t been doing much in the way of photography either. But it’s getting to be time for some more iPad processing, so here’s one image of some grape hyacinths that received 3 different treatments via iPad apps. In order of appearance, the primary app I processed them in: Tangled FX, Brushstroke, Waterlogue.

Early spring

With the mild winter we’ve been having here on BC’s south coast, some of our local garden centres are opening ahead of schedule. My nearby garden centre opened last week and of course I was in there right away to see what color they might have to offer. To my delight they had some anemones in small individual pots so I snapped up three of them to bring home and place near my front door alongside my grape hyacinths. The bees are loving them and so am I.