iPad – Grape hyacinths

Haven’t been in the mood for WordPress lately. Haven’t been doing much in the way of photography either. But it’s getting to be time for some more iPad processing, so here’s one image of some grape hyacinths that received 3 different treatments via iPad apps. In order of appearance, the primary app I processed them in: Tangled FX, Brushstroke, Waterlogue.

More iPad processing

In the last six weeks I’ve been loading up my iPad with creative photo editing apps courtesy of App of the Day free-for-a-day-or-two and other offers in the same vein. Now I’m working my way through them to determine which ones are worth having and which ones are just taking up valuable space on my pad. And more importantly, which ones may be useful for teaching creative photo editing to peeps with limited or no experience with it.

I selected one image today on which I wanted to do some very quick edits for my course info page, edits that touched on more advanced techniques and were more than just slapping a couple of vintage or grunge or similar filters on top, but without being too complicated for newbies.

The top image is the original. The second and third images – the other deep pink rose and the yellow rose -were a direct result of creative editing on the original after it received basic processing. The pink one went through TangledFX for some extra definition, and obviously the yellow one got a color change.

The next 2 yellow roses are digitally painted variations of the above yellow image from different apps. The first peach rose was produced by tinting the yellow rose and then applying some textures and filters. This one is my favorite, even more than the gorgeous rich deep pink original. It was then run through TangledFX for the last image.