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These are a few of my personal favorite images among those that you’ll find on mythical horse blog, in no particular order of preference or appearance date. These and other photos that you’ll find in my blog can be viewed in the various sub-galleries listed. They can be accessed by clicking on the subject links below this gallery, or via the drop-down menu in the menu bar.





chickadee on branch  Birds Galleries   yellow and red icelandic poppies  Flowers Galleries

Headshot of two sheep nuzzlilng  Mammals Galleries       White Rock's tidal pools  Places Galleries

Two white butterflies, one with wing blur  Creative Blurs Galleries

Yellow rose with hoverfly approaching  Insects, Snails & misc. Critters Galleries

orange lily closeup   iPad Art Gallery



9 thoughts on “Galleries

    • Thank you. I appreciate your comments. BC is indeed a wonderful place to visit or live. I’m glad your holiday was so great. I’ll be posting images of SW BC when I get home in late September — spending time in Europe has made me realize I should probably do a few posts of my own adopted home area. It is, after all, such a gorgeous part of the world, and I live there because of that. 😊


  1. A nice potpourri of photos. I am taking a critical liberty. Shorten your posts and keep to one topic per blog only like for example `’birds” and avoid more than 10 pics per post as WordPress is not friendly in the downloading of very long posts.


    • Thank you for commenting. Yes I’ve been aware that my gallery has been getting more and more unwieldy. I’ve been on an extended trip, posting from my ipad, with wifi that was often slow and inconsistent. WordPress didn’t really like that either… I’m re-organizing the gallery now that I’m home.


  2. Hi Katrina, I think it’s perfect the way it is. Awesome photos, I could spend hours just looking. I’ve not seen any other photos like yours but I’ve just started blogging and looking around, I just have to say…. LOVE IT. 🙂 —— insidemyhobbybinder


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