2 thoughts on “Mammals

  1. I just love the squirrel series… it’s a scream. As for the grizzly, how close did you get to capture these shots ?? In some of them he is looking straight at the camera!
    I also really like how you have organised your gallery into separate sections now… good idea. I think I will need to do the same with ours. Chris


    • The squirrel was totally enchanting, I was so glad I had a camera with me! Which grizzly? I presume not the one in the water. The other two were, I don’t know, 20m? Certainly close enough they could look each person in the eye…and they — and the one in the water — certainly appeared to check that the audience was watching… I’ll process more of the images of the grizzly in the water and post them sometime. She in particular would check the audience to make sure everyone was watching before she threw a rock up in the air, or splashed with a stick. I got the distinct feeling that she even waited until everyone was ready and anticipating, lol!
      Thanks for letting me know about the new gallery sections…I wasn’t sure about them. But I set up the gallery before I left for my trip, and while I was away it got so unwieldy I considered removing it, because it just wasn’t that easy to tweak on my ipad. Now that I’m home I started playing around with it last week, and it worked quite well for the birds and mammals, where it was quite easy to sort them by type, but I’ve just put the flower sections in order of appearance, and I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it or not. Thanks for commenting on it. 🙂


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