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eggs for sale sign with rosehips, artistic treatment


This class is an introduction to creative photo processing on the iPad, although many of the techniques apply to desktop software as well. Previous experience is not necessary, however it is also suitable for those with some experience. (If the descriptions below include terms you’re unfamiliar with, they’ll all make sense once you’ve taken the course!)

This is a fully hands-on course with time to experiment in the apps. The course will include:

• File formats and resizing
• Tips for image composition
• Introduction to and getting the most out of basic editing apps
• Basic image optimization: cropping, straightening, light adjustment, contrast, saturation
• Adjusting selected areas of an image
• Introduction to and getting the most out of various filter and  FX apps
• Use of filters, overlays, textures, layers and blending modes
• Introduction to and getting the most out of various painting apps
• How to add and delete objects, replace backgrounds seamlessly
• Create special effects such as double exposures, glows, motion
• How to make your images pop
• Tips and techniques for creative processing of images whether on your iPad or on your desktop computer

If there is time, we will also cover
• Dodging and burning
• Create custom textures and backgrounds
• Create and apply custom artistic edges


The apps listed below will meet your needs for the course and will give you the tools to make some beautiful images. However no one app will give you every creative option, so I fully expect you may want to select and download additional apps according to your artistic taste and skill level. We can discuss these options in class.

The following are required apps for the course. The first three are free in the App Store.

TangledFX ($2.29)
Stackables ($1.19)
Brushstroke ($3.49)
Adobe Photoshop Touch ($11.99)

(Unfortunately Apple raised their prices in the Canadian App Store without warning early in January 2015. Check back here for free-for-a-day apps or discounts as I check daily for special pricing offers on apps and will note any good deals on photo editing apps.)


We will be using your own photographs that you will bring pre-loaded on your iPad. Any images you do not own must be copyright-free. I will also have some images available for use during the class should anyone prefer. Please download the PhotoSync app ($3.49) if you wish to have access to these images in class in case wifi is down for whatever reason. Ideally you will have images from your camera that you have downloaded onto your iPad prior to class. Photos can be captured on a mobile device but if you wish to be able to print and frame your final artwork the higher the image quality the better.

Remember to bring your fully charged iPad to class, with images pre-loaded!
You should also know your Apple ID  in case you want to download anything from the App Store during class time.
You may wish to have a credit on your App Store account, or bring to class an App Store or iTunes gift card, or a credit card, just in case.

To help me provide the most useful information to each participant, I encourage you to browse online, in magazines, books, wherever, and bring to class a half dozen images that inspire you and that represent the style of image that you might be interested in producing.

This is a fun class where you will learn to improve the look of your photos and produce beautiful artwork that will impress your friends and family. How about a photobook as a gift to someone special – or for yourself? Maybe create some gorgeous scrapbook images or pages? Or have one of your creations printed on a cushion cover, a ceramic tile or set of tiles, page-sized fridge magnets, calendars, greetings cards. Enlarge and frame them to hang on your walls…you are limited only by your imagination!

Contact the Continuing Education office to register.

If you have questions about the content of the course, you may use the contact form in the menu bar to reach me.

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