iPad Photo Art course – general information

Starting in February 2015, through FV Continuing Education in Langley, BC, I will be teaching an introduction to transforming photographs into artwork on the iPad. Previous experience with image processing isn’t required, but basic iPad familiarity is. The class is an introduction to creative photo processing, but it may also be of interest, and can accommodate, those who may already have some experience using apps on their photos.

Create a collection of beautiful images and have them made into a beautiful photo book, or have your images printed up as unique greetings cards, calendars, fridge magnets, decorative ceramic tiles, or mounted on canvas or watercolor paper to frame and hang on your wall, or give any of the above as a treasured gift to that hard-to-gift person in your life. And of course, you can always share the images on Facebook, your blog, website, or wherever.

Dates and registration information can be found in the upcoming Fraser Valley Continuing Education Course Catalog or online click here   The iPad Photo Art course is listed on page 41 of the new catalog. Registration is through the Continuing Education office after January 5, 2015.


orange lily closeup

There are many iPad apps now, and more are being introduced regularly, that allow photographers to adjust their images to look like drawings, paintings, or to apply a growing number of special effects without sacrificing image quality, and without the high cost and steep learning curves of sophisticated desktop applications, although it may require several apps to accomplish what one desktop app can do.

Click here to visit my iPad Art gallery page to see more samples of iPad-processed images appearing on this blog. Although my images are primarily of critters, flowers and places and tend to be fairly photorealistic and/or conventionally painterly (because this is where my interests lie), the content of the course is applicable to any kind of image, from conventional people portraits to whatever you want to dream up!


Before and After   Click on images for larger view.

Below, the original image was overexposed in the sunny areas, and underexposed in the shady areas, with too much detail lost in each to really salvage it in conventional processing. I really wanted to keep this image so running it through a few creative apps saved it, although it could still be improved on.

In the snow image below, the first photo is straight from my camera in RAW format. It’s in color but the way the camera interpreted the weather conditions all the color was stripped. The second image shows what running it through software can do, in this case iPad apps.

Old fashioned white roses




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