Pink from a garden

Near to where I live is a 7 acre semi-public garden that is only open to the public a few times a year. It contains a number of unusual trees, a former orchard and some flower beds. This year the open days have been extended to Saturdays during the spring season, so I visited it for the first time yesterday and spent a little time there with my camera. The garden is secluded behind hedges and one gets a sense of being far removed from the outside world. The garden is currently undergoing improvements, and the small water feature I’d hoped to photograph was under reconstruction and off limits. Still, it was a nice opportunity for me to get some shots of spring flowers other than rhodos, tulips, daffodils, etc.

The main attractions yesterday were the rhodos and woodland flowers, but I did find a beautiful soft pink camellia hiding in a corner, as well as several magnolia trees. I will process the flowers for later posts, today I’ll feature the camellia and magnolia with a couple of images that I processed on my iPad because my iOS apps offer me different artistic options, particularly watercolor effects, that I’m continuing to play around with to test their capabilities.